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Il bosco verticale è una stronzata?


Renderings vs. Reality: The Improbable Rise of Tree-Covered Skyscrapers

are these designs truly green or simply a fresh form of greenwashing?

A recently completed pair of buildings in Milan, Italy, called Vertical Forest, is a rare example of a finished project in the realm of largely-unbuilt treescraper concepts. Designed by Boeri Studio, the project consists of two residential towers, each a few hundred feet high and supporting an impressive array of plants. The plans called for nearly 1,000 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 10,000 additional smaller species.

rendering (sx) e realtà (dx)

Then there is the contrast between the drawings and actual structures. While the finished works, viewed independently, are impressive in their own right, they do not exactly look like the lush forested facades seen in the proposed designs. Perhaps there is a seasonal element, or the trees need time to grow and fill the space. Still, even on the website of the architects, a rendering remains the lead image, not a photo.